My wish for you is that you have the wedding of your dreams. My goal is to help those dreams come true by allowing the bride to pamper herself on the day of the wedding and for mom and dad to enjoy their daughter on her last days as a single lady. We step-by-step plan your wedding with you, personalize and coordinate your ideas, and direct your wedding from the rehearsal to the end of the reception. You and your family can come and go with the guests.

No matter how many hours it takes to plan your wedding, no matter how many appointments we need to have, no matter how many emails, phone calls, or letters we need to send; we will be there for you. We will plan, book, and secure contracts from other professionals, I will go to the rehearsal and help the officiant direct the evening, I will be at the church before the wedding to pin on the corsages and make sure that everyone knows what to do, I will direct the processional in the way that you have chosen, I will go to the reception to direct the order of events, and I will stay till the end of the reception to make sure that your parents have all the gifts and items that need to go home with them.

We have a full line of flowers, and can provide all the newest designs.

Depending on the reception site, we can decorate and clean the facility, return all rental items and the price is determined on what needs to be accomplished.

 — Marcia Stewart
  Bridal Coordinator and Floral Designer
  for over 3,000 weddings.